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I drew this some time ago and I didn’t post it cause I was so frustrated with the colors and the bg and everything ugh— but now I’m kind of okay with it?? So I’ll post it before I change my mind. Fullview encouraged to fully appreciate his pretty crying face and all it looks really weird resized.
(Have I ever posted crying Martín before? I don’t remember…)
2p spamano + Catherine

alright, I coloured the sketch uwu
aph-argentina sent: I love your art so so much especially your 2p!spamano stuff it's the best

thank you so much, darling ♥

Voy a hacer algo al respecto con mi Tincho de patotas largas, sin presiones ♡


【APヘタリア】英日米普仏西でFree!EDパロ【手描き】by めと


I have like 20 unfinished drawings but im still like image